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Executive and Professional Coach

Dr. Doug Herr, Psy.D

Doug’s mission is to work in support of leaders, providing tools to individuals to assist in accessing better states of living and working well. To use customized and individually prescribed methods to highlight the foundations of presence and integrity to self as the only sustainable basis for a career of high productivity. To aid leaders in self-discovery and analysis of process in order to gain efficiency and clarity in productivity for the self and every person in a system.    

How May I Help You?

Here’s a few ways Dr. Doug works to unlock your peak performance.

Executive Coaching

Unlock your potential for growth and fulfillment with one-on-one coaching and training with Dr. Doug.

Team Training

For leaders and their teams. Boosts motivation, performance, communication, and effective and specific skill sets.

Sales Surge

The average salesperson improves their sales by 30% after this intensive training and development program.

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